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To Hook or not to Hook – That is the question!

Hey guys, welcome to Wicked Gadget World – I’m Anna. This is the channel where I get to play with gadgets and tell you if they are wicked or a waste. I give you honest reviews so that you can spend your money wisely!

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Gadget: MyTidyCar Headrest Hanger Hook


Holds my purse ok

Would work better with other bags (grocery, etc.)


Have to put my passenger side headrest all the way up

Hook not wide enough to hold my purse straps

Wicked Gadget World Score: 3 out of 5 stars

This headrest hanger hook did not exceed my expectations and barely met my requirements. It held my purse, but I was always afraid one of the purse straps would break free and cause problems. I purchased this for my purse, but do think it would work better for regular bags such as grocery bags. The hook was simply not wide enough to hold my purse straps well.

It worked ok for my purse, and would have worked better with other bags. Because of this, I am giving this headrest hanger hook three out of five stars.

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Thanks so much you guys. Have a great one!

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