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Whose got stretch silicone lids for leftovers?!

Hey guys, welcome to Wicked Gadget World – I’m Anna. This is the channel where I get to play with gadgets and tell you if they are wicked or a waste. I give you honest reviews so that you can spend your money wisely!

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Gadget: Bizzanzio Stretch Silicone Lids


Air tight seal – lid grips

Several different sizes


Only made for round containers

Slightly difficult to wash because of grooves

Wicked Gadget World Score: 4 out of 5 stars

These stretch silicone lids work really well and when fit properly, are air tight. There are six different sizes and it comes with a bonus cover. The only downside is that they are made for round containers only. Other than that, they’re worth the investment!

Overall, it’s wicked. I’m giving it four out of five stars. Give it a try!

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Thanks so much you guys. Have a great one!

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