New Funny Soft Dog Toys Ball with Led Light and Sounds USA


Funny Goofy Cozy Soft Fleece Emoji Ball Dog Toy with Led Lights and Sounds.

I handmade these Pet toys for my dog Charlie. He loved them so much, I decided to share the fun with your dogs.

Choose between 2 Different toys:

One LED Emoji Giggle Sound Ball With Stuffing or One LED Emoji Ball With Squeaking Sound and no stuffing


100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Item must be sent back in the same condition it was sent.Ball size is about 3″ diameter.

Quick tip. I noticed my dog still loved to play with the toy when the squeaky noise wore down. The reason he keeps playing with the toy is because he can still hear the air blowing out. They are similar to those quiet dog toys that dogs can only hear.

Emoji face vary. Only available at Sheraton Luxuries. Find more fun toys by clickin sheratonluxuries above.

Easy to spot -Cheerfully Bright Colorful toy- Lights up and make sounds.
Ball are easy to grasp and Easy to clean-Made with super soft fleece
Make your toy new again.You can make your toy new again by replacing the toy with new sounds-Velcro is added so you can add your favorite squeakers or funny sounds when needed and is washable. (please remove the sound toy in the center before you wash.)
No cheap substitutes-100% high quality embroidery
Free replacement squeaky toy included.(You get 2 squeaky sounds or 1 giggle and 1 squeaky sound)












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